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Usually, students in college have little experience with credit cards. They don’t have much of a credit history, but they can use student credit cards to build positive credit history while they are in school. Finding credit cards that report to the credit reporting bureaus and making on-time payments can set you up for when you graduate. Here are a few of the best options out there.

  1. Deserve EDU Student Credit Card

This card comes with a year of free access to Amazon Prime Student. It has no annual fee, and it earns 1% cashback. When you sign up for Amazon Prime Student, you can pay for the annual membership on your card, and they will reimburse you. This card is designed for students without FICO scores or extensive credit histories, and it has no annual fee.

  1. Capital One SavorOne Student Cash Rewards Credit Card

Students earn up to 3% cashback on some purchases with this card. This includes groceries, dining, entertainment, and streaming. There are no annual fees, and they will consider increasing your credit line in just six months if you use the card responsibly and pay on time.

  1. Jasper Mastercard

This is another entry-level card, and it is great for building credit. You don’t need a credit history, and it doesn’t require a security deposit. It offers cashback of up to 6% by referring friends once you have made three on-time payments in a row. They also have credit limits as high as $5000.

  1. Credit One Bank Unsecured Visa with Cash Back Rewards Card

This is a card designed for rebuilding credit, and it offers up to 1% cashback on eligible purchases. It will help students build credit while they are working on their degrees. They may have an annual fee, and they offer a low credit limit to start, but if you use your card responsibly, you will automatically be considered for credit line increases. This card also has complimentary travel accident and auto rental collision coverage, and it is great for repairing credit as well.