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Michael Rappa Rocklin, CA

College Planning

Based out of Rocklin, California, Michael Rappa is a motivated business owner and experienced performer with a knack for financial advising. Since 2015, he has been the proud President of Ivy League College Planning Strategies, gaining national recognition for his expertise in college funding. Recognized as the college funding magician, his strategies and amiable personality have been featured on the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, allowing him the opportunity to speak on the Piggy Bank Busting Mistakes every parent must avoid in order to maintain a hefty bank account while paying for their children’s college tuition. 

As inflation worsens and the cost of attending college continues to rise, families of all demographics are finding themselves at a loss. In today’s economical environment, college costs can easily reach $250k or higher for only one child. Michael Rappa, being aware of this widespread issue, is focused on enabling parents to send their children to college without going broke in the process. Parents desire to send their children to higher education to prepare them for a bright future, but these rising costs place a seed of doubt in many parents’ minds and end up piling on debt for young adults post-graduation. There is a valid concern among many families, and a choice must often be made between paying for their children’s college costs or saving up for retirement. Michael works diligently to bridge this gap, enabling families of all socio-economic backgrounds to access resources that will enable them to pursue both financial goals.

In Michael Rappa’s experience, he has witnessed both the informed and the uninformed college buyer. The uninformed encompasses families who end up spending thousands more on tuition than the informed buyer, who instead implemented money-saving strategies to reduce their out-of-pocket college expenses and save for retirement in the meantime. Through his work at Ivy League College Planning Strategies, Michael has helped hundreds of parents send their children to college without throwing their life’s savings out the window or jeopardizing their other financial goals. His business makes informed college buyers out of parents and equips them with funding strategies so that they do not get trapped in the cycle of debt that is plaguing many American families.

Not only has his business helped in the financial aspect of higher education, but Michael Rappa has also assisted both parents and students in making informed college decisions in general. Ranging from course selection to career pathways to college decisions to transition advice, Michael has aided significantly in breaking down these procedures and making the process less overwhelming. For those wanting to attend college but feeling the weight of it all on their shoulders, Michael and his company have been like a godsend.

Michael is a highly sought-after speaker and media favorite admired for his insider secrets on legally beating these high college costs imposed on families. He is trained on reducing these costs for families of every financial figure, even if they do not qualify for financial aid.

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